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Tuesday 20th August 2019
Dawlish Christian Fellowship  

Sunday  25th August 2019

We will be holding our normal service by kind invitation at St Agatha's church, Exeter Rd. Dawlish at 10.30am.

All Age Service  

'Joy in your family'

Speaker Alan Smith

Followed by refreshments in the Church Hall.

All Are Very Welcome

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Premier Christian News Feed

Little less conversation now vicar retires Elvis gospel tribute act

'Reverend Elvis' is hanging up the white suit next to his dog collar and ending his Elvis Presley gospel tribute act.

Stripper and pastor team up to help children impacted by immigration raids

An American stripper and pastor from Oregon have partnered to offer help to children whose families have been detained by immigration officials.

Public health expert says more time outdoors improves spiritual health

A Christian public health advisor says churches should be utilising outside spaces to serve communities and help people connect with God to combat mental illness.

Salisbury Cathedral meets mini me matchstick replica

A man has patiently and painstakingly constructed a replica of Salisbury Cathedral out of 800,000 matchsticks.

Mexican pastor shot and killed during service

Members of a Mexican church are shocked after their pastor was murdered during a church service.

Chinese Pastor released from prison

A church pastor who was arrested along with over 100 members of his house church last year in Sichuan in southwest China has been released on bail after eight months in prison and sent back to his home province of Hubei.

The whole earth inside cathedral

A giant globe is on display at Peterborough Cathedral.

Bishop of Southwark holds service marking Marchioness 30th anniversary

The 30th anniversary of the Marchioness disaster was remembered in a vigil next to the River Thames on Monday night.

Daily Bible Study - kindly provided by the Bible Society

We personally use this Daily Bible Study. It is an excellent all-rounder. Please click www.wordlive.org to see a new  Bible Study every day. Don't forget you have a major faith resources section on this site. You can use it to find materials or to contact churches in Dawlish Christian Fellowship or around Dawlish. You can find church services on holiday by changing the site postcode.